Snack Mix

Great for lunchboxes and after-school snacks!

Delicious Dairy!

Each Cheestring is made with one glass of milk – that’s 180ml of the protein-packed white stuff!

Just Cheese!

Cheestrings is real cheese, that’s been heated and stretched to make it stringy – and fantastic fun to eat!

Naturally Tasty!

No artificial colours. No artificial flavours. No artificial preservatives. No gluten. Just tasty, real cheese!

Here’s to Health

Cheestrings are rich in calcium and Vitamin D, both of which are essential for healthy bones in children!

Cheestrings are good food made fun and that’s why children love them

Cheestrings are perfect for children’s lunchboxes or as an after-school snack as they are packed with calcium and Vitamin D.
In fact, each Cheestring has 20% of the NRV for calcium and 25% of the NVR for Vitamin D.