How it’s made

It may be hard to believe but Cheestrings is made with 100% real cheese, nothing is added or omitted!

The cheese is produced in a traditional way and only uses natural ingredients, pasteurised milk, some salt and lactic acid bacteria.

The end result is a rich in protein super stringy fun cheese.

The strings part of the cheese happens naturally during the production of the cheese itself.

To learn more about how Cheestrings are made we must venture to the pastures where the cows graze!

The excellent quality of their feed and healthy outdoor lifestyle makes for a milk rich in protein.

As a result of this Cheestrings is able to be peeled straight out of the pack.

After the milk has been collected this is pasteurized and processed so that only the desired fat content remains.

We then add the lactic acid bacteria, we obtain after mixing, which forms the curd.

After it is drained,it is then taken out and cooked in hot water until it forms into string like threads.

Then we only need to cut the cheese into its shape and Cheestrings are ready!

So now you know everything why not pick up a pack of your choice!